Company Profile

BeKoSENSE is a modern, forward-looking, medium-size development company and presents itself in the main business areas of Internet of Things, Sensor technology and SMART data analysis. We offer comprehensive technical know-how and all type of equipment for several sectors, such as the Agricultural Sector, Industry and Recreation & Outdoor. With our products and services, you are able to achieve new market driven solutions on the highest level.

The secret of our success

  • Entrepreneurial vision and flexibility

  • Concept thinking

  • Technical competence

  • Progressive technical thinking

  • Appreciation of our employees

  • Commitment and dedicated partnership

Products - H2Oalert

Livestock drinking troughs are often prone to soiling and frequently out of operators' sight, especially when cattle are out on pasture. Yet the availability of good-quality water is essential for animal health and performance. The H2O Alert water quality monitor developed by BeKoSENSE features sensors that allow the quality of animals' drinking water to be monitored 24/7.

The monitoring system is coupled with an app that transfers data to mobile systems in real time and triggers alarms as required. Measured values, the results of water quality analyses and cleaning water temperatures in milking systems (milk lines and tanks) are additionally stored and documented continuously. This ensures that farmers have relevant data for business analyses and documentation of compliance with their responsibilities along the entire chain of production at their disposal at any times.

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13-16 November 2018
Hannover, Germany

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